Electron Brehmsstrahlung: Selecting Angular Distribution in Seltzer-Berger model

Hi -

I am trying to figure out (reading G4 documentation, searching forum questions, google-ing) how
to change the default photon angular distribution in Geant4 electron Brehmsstrahlung process
(G4SeltzerBerger.cc) and I am unable to find the answer anywhere. I would like to switch
between ModifiedTsai, 2BS, and 2BN options.

Originally, I thought that changing the headers in G4SeltzerBergerModel.cc
would work (comment in/out):

#include “G4ModifiedTsai.hh”
//#include “G4Generator2BS.hh”
//#include “G4Generator2BN.hh”

but it does not. The results do not change.

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Emil, UVa

You could try SetAngularDistribution(…) in your physics list: