Electron energy spectrum in "rdecay01" example might be incorrect

Geant4 Version: 11.2.0
Operating System: Windows 11 23H2 & Rocky Linux 9.3
Compiler/Version: Visual Studio 2022 17.8.4 (Windows) & GNU Make 4.3 (Linux)
CMake Version: 3.28.1 (Windows) & 3.20.2 (Linux)

The maximum electron energy of beta decay of Co-60 with the maximum branch ratio is 160 keV in both Windows and Linux, and the correct energy should be about 317 keV. I’m sorry that as a new user I can’t post more than one picture. I will upload my pictures below.

I’m cautiously guessing that this is an issue with the new version of Geant4 and not my personal problem, as I have produced this issue both on Windows and with G4VM (https://geant4.lp2ib.in2p3.fr/), And I have never seen this problem on older versions.

Could anyone please take the time to try to reproduce this issue?

This is the electron energy spectrum of Co60 in the “rdecay01” example in Windows:

This is the electron energy spectrum of Co60 in the “rdecay01” example in Linux:

I agree with you.
Please, could you open a bug report ?
Thanks, Michel

Hello Michel!

I suspect this problem may not exist only with rdecay01, but with G4RadioactiveDecay. I first discovered this problem in an example I wrote myself, and the reason why I use rdecay01 example in this post is just to make it easier for everyone to reproduce.

So please give me some advice on which category I should choose when opening a bug report, Examples/Extended/radioactivedecay/rdecay01 or Geant4/processes/hadronic/models/radioactive_decay?


It cannot be rdecay01, which was unchanged …
It is a problem of model/radioactivedecay.

I have only Geant4 11.2 installed on my machine.
It would be interesting to compare these 3 histograms, in log scale, between G4 11.1 and 11.2

Cobalt.mac.txt (467 Bytes)

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In subdirectory rdecay01/references/9.1 we have kept few reference results (from Geant4 9.6).
Here, the decay of Carbon 14

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the problem is fixed in 11.2 patch 1

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