Emission particles in radioactive decay process

Dear all,

I am attempting to simulate a germanium detector in order to determine the pulse height spectrum or energy spectrum due to gamma ray photons. The source is a radioactive isotope that decays by beta minus decay.
I have used rdecay01 and example B3 so far to get familiar with processes involved in radioactive decay in Geant. Now I am moving on to rdecay02 to determine the gamma creation time for the purpose of determining any peak summing effects that may occur from simultaneous gamma emission from different radioactive nuclei. I noticed that rdecay02 has already this feature included as part of the detector response.
My question is, is there a way to get the gamma creation time written to a file as apposed to just the output terminal? The information collected is quite large when read from the terminal and would require very complicated processing to extract the relevant information.
I noticed that in the stepping action, ntuples are used however I do not have root and I am unfamiliar
with them.

Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Have a look at Write histograms in the middle of the run


Thank you for your reply.
Sorry but I worded my question wrongly in my previous post.

The main issue I have is not just the length of the output but also the formatting.
I want to retrieve only the time of gamma release for the moment. I have done this by removing code that prints none relevant information from the terminal. However, the information is still quite “messy” and very difficult to read (I will be using python for data processing). I was wondering if geant is capable of summarizing this data into a more readable format?

I am also looking into determining the position (x,y,z) of radioisotope after it has received a “kick” during the decay process in order to determine if any nuclei get implanted within the crystal of the germanium detector. I will also need to summarize this information.