Energy Deposition higher in Plastic Scintillator than primary source

Hello, so I am modifying the TestEm5 example by including a plastic scintillator in its file. I noticed that its energy deposition was much higher than the primary muon energy beam. I was wondering if there is some additional physics that needs to be included in the Physics list provided sufficient? I attached the image below for further reference:

Hi, I think I may have figured it out the energy is Kinetic energy given by the gun and doesn’t consider the total energy of particle i.e K.E + Rest. So that still preserves energy conservation.

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In 75 cm of scintillateur, muons of 100 MeV are totally absorbed. Then, they decay at rest.
You see the energy of this decay.

Okay, so what I am seeing is the 100 MeV absorbed by muons, and then the muons decay resulting in further energy deposition by its electron and its neutrino?

You can run 1 event with tracking/verbose 2
you can also add in your macro /process/inactivate Decay

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