Error 500 when compiling examples

Hi, I’m new with GEANT4 and I’m using it on Windows 10 system. I went through the installation which should be well done and also I did the post-installation procedure to set the environmental variables. The project are compiled with latest version of Visual Studio, however when the file .exe is created i got this kind of error for all the examples available.

If you need other info please ask, and thanks for helping.

I don’t think this is an error as such, rather, the init.mac/init_vis.mac file(s) that are run as part of the start up default to using OpenGL visualization. That’s the line

/vis/sceneHandler/create OGL

but the output on available drivers under the “Registered graphics systems are:” does not show OpenGL as being available. To fix this you can either:

  • Reinstall Geant4 with OpenGL support using the CMake GEANT4_USE_OPENGL_WIN32 configuration option (see the build options in the Install Guide.
  • Change the OGL argument to one of those listed under the Registered Graphics Systems list. However, that will not be interactive.

Thank you, I followed your instruction re-installing Geant4 with the OpenGL visualization on and now it works!

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