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_Geant4 Version: v4.11.1
_Operating System: ubuntu 22.04
_Compiler/Version: gcc 11.3

I have this errors when i want to make install a exampleB1
please how to repair

Mmm. Strange. Could you try updating your gcc compiler. It works OK for me on gcc 12.0.0.

The other thing to look at is CLHEP itself. Geant4 comes shipped with a co-working version, which I would recommend. There is an option to download and use CLHEP independently, I believe, but I have never tried it.

Please, how can I use CLHEP independently?

I’m suggesting you do not - repeat not - use CLHEP independently. Just use the one distributed with Geant4.

If you really want to do it, please consult the documentation.

thank you so much allison
it works correctly
but unfortunately the problem below appeared

Something wrong with the build, perhaps picking up old libraries? I suggest simply starting again with clean directories and a clean environment, following instructions in the Installation Guide.

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