Error code : 1 (trying to run my first example on Linux)

Hello, i am trying to run my first example (example B1) and i have encountered with an error. First of all i tried several times and checked other topics on issues on running examples. I didn’t copy the example first and i tried running it in its original directory. In my final try, i first copied B1 folder to desktop (deleted several files from the B1 folder

  • CMakeCache.txt
  • cmake_install.cmake
  • Makefile
  • CMakeFiles/)

. First i got an error

Then i wrote the command $ source /path to it /

Then i tried running the first example again. I got the following output that i am sharing with the following 4 screenshots, i am adding a text file also:

And here is the text file of my output.
error.txt (4.0 KB)

“Probably” there is a compatibility problem between your operating system settings and geant4. If you not changed any content from exampleB1, it should just work.

Can you change your locale setting to “en_us.utf-8” an re-run the example again? Is it same as before?

looks like OGL support is not compiled in.
you could for example use qt (cmake <...> -DGEANT4_USE_QT=ON <...>, recompile!), or get inspired here:

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Thanks for the reply, i checked the locale and i think it’s already in the setting you mentioned

Thanks for the reply, i have already installed the geant4, should i delete and re-install it again ? I didn’t use -DGEANT4_USE_QT=ON while i was installing. I only followed the guide which you have linked. Also i couldn’t find what OGL is.

I don’t think you need to delete, but definitely compile and install again with the option. Check before if you have installed Qt5.

OGL is OpenGL OpenGL - Wikipedia, and -as I understand- Qt is one way of using it. You can also choose a different “visualization driver”. You find this in the guide that I have linked…

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