Error determining the linker's language for HepRep while installation

Hi everyone,

While doing the CMake doing:

(I had to put the data flag off, because it could not be downloaded automatically, so I manually did it.)

I get such an error:

Would you be able to help me solve this error? I need this to work and I need this urgently, so any help is truly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Geant4 Version:10.02
Operating System:18.02
Compiler/Version: gcc 7.5.0

Comparing the sources.cmake here: source/visualization/HepRep/sources.cmake · v10.2.2 · geant4 / geant4 · GitLab

to the file list here:

It’s likely you’re running into a case-insensitive/preserving filesystem issue. You should change the case of the filename either in the sources.cmake or on the filesystem so they match for your system.

Bear in mind that v10.2.2 is now obsolete, so only very limited, if any, support can be realistically expected here.

Thank you so much! You were right and it worked.

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