Error for running multithread with Example B1

Hi dear all,
I’m a newbie. I have a problem with multithread simulations. When I un-commented the
“run/numberOfWorkers 5” command in run1.mac, there was an error in the attached image.
Although I set the -DGEANT4_BUILD_MULTITHREADED=ON when I built the Geant4 source code.
I also have tried to recommend this command line, there was no error.
Can anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance.

The command is /run/numberOfThreads <n>.

Are you using a version of B1 from an older release of Geant4? In the next to last release (10.7.2) which I am using, the commented-out command for multi-threading in run1.mac is:
#/run/numberOfThreads 4

@John_McFee I think you got it. The command in the B1/run1.mac was incorrect (but commented out) through the 10.5 release:

{michaels-mbp:13} grep numberOf geant4.10.*/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac
geant4.10.01.p02/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfWorkers 4
geant4.10.02.p03/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfWorkers 4
geant4.10.03.p03/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfWorkers 4
geant4.10.04.p03/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfWorkers 4
geant4.10.05.p01/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfWorkers 4
geant4.10.06.p03/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfThreads 4
geant4.10.07.p02/examples/basic/B1/run1.mac:#/run/numberOfThreads 4