Error in visualization on OpenGL

Hello, friends,

I have encountered this error on OpenGL. Can you tell me what it means and how to fix it? Thank you!

ERROR: G4VSceneHandler::RequestPrimitives
Polyhedron not available for subtration
Touchable path: world 0 TargetSubt 0
This means it cannot be visualized in the usual way on most systems.

  1. The solid may not have implemented the CreatePolyhedron method.
  2. For Boolean solids, the BooleanProcessor, which attempts to create
    the resultant polyhedron, may have failed.
    Try RayTracer. It uses Geant4’s tracking algorithms instead.
    Drawing solid with cloud of points.

_Geant4 Version:_10.06
_Operating System:_Ubuntu
_Compiler/Version:_gcc 7.5.0
_CMake Version:_3.10.2

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Did you enable the Raytracer option in CMake while compiling GEANT4?

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I find that the raytracer is not installed in my system. However, I realize that it is the subtraction for the boolean body that is not right in this case. Thank you anyway.

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