Error on the hits

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_Geant4 Version: 11.1.2
_Operating System: ubuntu
_Compiler/Version: 9.4.0

hello, my code below does not display my hits on the screen, so I do not know where the problem comes from and the message saying that “is not found”, I do not understand it.
Thank you, cordially Raoul

Hello @raoultokouo ,

to print tracks you can add in your macro

/tracking/verbose 1


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ok, thank you very much, it works
please how can i import them into a root or txt file to make the graphs

To store console or print values,
./YourProject yourMacro.mac > Data.txt

Do post Data Analysis, cleaning of data requires and/or use it as you like.

To record data in root format,
follow example 4d.



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