Error reading all requested bytes

I am currently trying to make a simulation to gather calibration data for an HPGe detector by using the rdecay01 example and modifying the geometry and adding a modified stepping file (based off of Physics Matters’ youtube tutorial) to get data about the energy deposition. My simulation runs fine, but with the exception that I get an error when I try to open my generated root file in Root.

root [0]
Attaching file TestCAL.root as _file0...
Error in <TFile::ReadBuffer>: error reading all requested bytes from file TestCAL.root, got 279 of 300
Error in <TFile::Init>: TestCAL.root failed to read the file type data.
(TFile *) nullptr

I do not know how to debug this error; are there any common errors that cause this problem? I have attached the files which I modified/added to the rdecay01 simulation.

ActionInitialization.hh (2.1 KB)
DetectorConstruction.hh (2.7 KB)
EventAction.hh (2.7 KB)
RunAction.hh (2.6 KB)
stepping.hh (391 Bytes) (3.0 KB) (4.0 KB) (3.4 KB) (3.9 KB) (894 Bytes)

I was able to solve this problem. I had not fully removed the HistoManager source and header files. Within the source file, it seems like the root file is initialized at the beginning. In my adjustments, I had re-initialized it, which I believe lead to a corruption of the file.

I removed the HistoManager files and any references to it, and this worked.

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