Error running geant4.csh

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Geant4 Version: geant4-v11.2.1
_Operating System:_macpro. Ventura. 13.6.5
Compiler/Version: gcc version 14.0.3
_CMake Version:_cmake version 3.23.2

I am new to Geant, I download, built and installed he software.

However when I tried to source geant4.csh o set the environment I got errors:

-bash: /Users/myG4/Install/bin/geant4.csh: line 27: syntax error near unexpected token `(’

-bash: /Users/myG4/Install/bin/geant4.csh: line 27: `set ARGS=($_)’

Please may I have solution for this?
hank you.


I think the default shell of MacOS is zsh. So maybe you can try sourcing insteand. It has the same effect as geant4.csh.

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