Error "<TrackerSD/TrackerHitsCollection> is not found."

Hello everyone, while I am trying to run application on my laptop, I am getting “<TrackerSD/TrackerHitsCollection> is not found” error. I am not sure if this is related to Geant4 version mismatch with my application. I have installed geant4.10.07.p03 on my MAC. Could anyone please help me to resolve this error?

Is this with one of the standard examples (if so which one) or with your own code? If the later, can you post the code where the TrackerSD/TrackerHitsCollection is defined/set up please?

I am trying to run this application on my laptop. Could you please let me know if this error is due to the Geant 4 version incompatibility or the application?

Difficult to say, it would be best to contact the developers of that application for support with it.

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