Error with SetSpline in detector build

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Geant4 Version: 11.2.1
Operating System: Linux
Compiler/Version: GCC
CMake Version: 3.22.1

I am receiving errors concerning my Detector Construction file with the SetSpline function, included below

fPlastic_mt = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();

fPlastic_mt->AddProperty(“RINDEX”, photonEnergy, refractiveIndex1,nEntries)->SetSpline(true);
fPlastic_mt->AddProperty(“ABSLENGTH”, photonEnergy, absorption, nEntries)->SetSpline(true);
fPlastic_mt->AddProperty(“FASTCOMPONENT”,photonEnergy, plasticFast, nEntries)->SetSpline(true);
fPlastic_mt->AddProperty(“SLOWCOMPONENT”,photonEnergy, plasticSlow, nEntries)->SetSpline(true);

When I run the make on the build, I get told: error: ‘using G4MaterialPropertyVector = class G4PhysicsFreeVector’ {aka ‘class G4PhysicsFreeVector’} has no member named ‘SetSpline’; did you mean ‘GetSpline’?

Does anyone know where SetSpline got moved to? I’m a novice so I’m figuring this out as I go but with all the changes I’m pretty turned around.

I also included ahead of the included code where fPlastic_mt gets declared:

: fPlastic_mt(nullptr), fLXe_mt(nullptr), fMPTPStyrene(nullptr)

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Hello, I have also encountered the same problem. If your problem is resolved, can we discuss it together.

For sure, I’ll let you know if I hear anything