Errors when sourcing


I have installed Geant4-v10.7.4 so that I can use the Mulassis application (v2.0). I have been having problems running Mulassis, it is not able to find the geant4 files. I thought that the problem was that I wasn’t sourcing (located in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/bin). But upon trying to source I get the following error:

: command not found
: command not found
-bash: /mnt/c/Users/RD/Documents/Mulassis/ML-1_26_Geant4_10_01_WIN32-bin/bin/ line 70: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I am not sure what to try next…

Any help would be much appreciated!

Geant4 Version:geant4-v10.7.4
Operating System: WSL2 on Win11
Compiler/Version: 11.40
CMake Version:3.22.1

Sorry, but I have now found my mistake. The clue is in the line

“-bash: /mnt/c/Users/RD/Documents/Mulassis/ML-1_26_Geant4_10_01_WIN32-bin/bin/”

This is referring to a Windows binary version of Mulassis that I previously installed and did not work (hence trying now with Mulassis via WSL).

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