Example B1 G4Tree.dll not found

Hi I have installed geant4 on windows using visualstudio19 but when I try to run example B1 I am met with the error stating G4Tree.dll not found. I thought this might be a problem with my environment variables for the added data sets and have included a picture of them below. Though I believe I have them set up correctly. I found the address where the G4Tree.dll file is located and tried adding that to the path with this address: %HOMEPATH%\Geant4\geant4_10_06_p03-build\BuildProducts\Release\bin
but when this is put into the path I get a new error when trying to run B1.
The new error is:
“The procedure entry point ??0G4OpenGLStoredWin32@@QEAA@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library %HOMEPATH%\B1\out\build\x64-Release\exampleB1.exe.”

I am not sure what might fix this. Any help would be deeply appreciated.