Exception error

Hi Guys,

does anybody have an idea of what this error means?
The checks on geometry are all successful.


Anyway, the run continues… so I don’t understand if it is a real error or not.

Often, the “track stuck” errors happen when you have either have volume boundaries that don’t quite align (for sibling volumes placed next to each other), or if you have volume overlaps.

If you modify your geometry build to set “pSurfChk = true” (it’s the final optional argument to the G4PVPlacement ctor, then Geant4 will automatically do overlaps checking and report the results in your log file.

In our simulation code, we’ve made that argument a “global” (base class) value, and have a macro command we can use to turn it on for everything. Much better than editing a whole lot of code and recompiling.

Hi @mkelsey ,

thanks for your reply… but if I don’t fix the bug, what does it happen? I mean, when I simulate a run with 200k evts, the error appears only sometimes, then the simulation goes on.
So maybe the evts “with” the error are not taken into account?

Anyway, I checked my code and the option to check the volumes overlap is on. Indeed, when I compile the overlap checks are successful and I don’t get any error in the geometry.