Exporting geometry for postprocessing

Dear all,

I want to plot some quantities from the output, in particular, the flux distribution on a surface from neutrons which cross it. I have the output with the position of neutrons and I want to plot the distribution on the surface. I would like to do it in postprocessing by exporting the geometry and working in Python.

Getting information around, I found that a way is to export the geometry with gdml and using the Pyg4ometry library to work. I think it would be the best option, since I can manage everything with Python classes created for Geant4.

It is possible also to create a file /vis/open VRML2FILE, but I don’t think working with .wrl is the best option.

Any suggestion for the best practice to do it, please?

Thank you very much for your time.
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Out of interest would it be possible to share an example of the VRML2FILE.