Extension of energy range for molecularDNA example


I am currently attempting to combine the DNA physics list with the standard physics list in order to extend the simulation energy range for the molecularDNA example. The modifications I have made are solely within the physics list file, and I am utilizing the G4EmDNAPhysicsActivator for this purpose. I have successfully compiled the program.

However, I have encountered an error message and I am uncertain about its origin, as I have not made any modifications to the chemistry list. Additionally, I would appreciate any alternative methods that could be suggested to achieve the desired outcome.

Furthermore, I have noticed the presence of the ConstructStandardEmPhysics function in the G4EmDNAPhysics_opt*. Does this indicate that the process has already been carried out by the G4EmDNAPhysics_opt* module? If that is the case, which option of Standard Em Physics is utilized?opt4?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Chia-Wei Huang

PhysicsList.cc (4.1 KB)
PhysicsList.hh (2.4 KB)


1/The combination is included for G4EmDNAPhysics_opt*.

2/For your physicslist, you should not include ConstructParticle() and ConstructProcess() because if you define these functions. They will not be called in registered constructors. In your case, function ConstructParticle() of chemistry contructor is not called then non chemical molecules are defined.

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