Filling std::vector type ntuples using G4root

Dear experts

I want to output the simulation results to a root file using G4AnalysisManager. The format that I want to implement is ntuple columns containing vector entries. The vector will be the collection of hits from one event. I was able to create a std::vector<G4double> type ntuple column, but cannot find any method to fill this. Can you please suggest a way for this?


An example of an ntuple with std::vector ntuple columns types is provided at the basic B5 example.
and the ANALYSIS section.
There is indeed missing mentioning this example in the Application Developers Guide.
As the ntuple column takes the std::vector reference, there is no need to call an extra Fill method to fill a column. The vector content is automatically saved in the ntuple when calling AddNtupleRow .

Thank you very much. That works.