Fixing GEANT4 Documentation

I have come across a few places where the documentation needs improvement. I would be glad to contribute improved text and pictures.

  1. The explanation of the concept of Assemblies can be confusing. I have some suggestions for improving it.

  2. In the GDML documentation section 3.5.4 there is a critical piece of missing information about how to use GDML Modules.

  3. In the GDML documentation there is no mention of the copy_num and name attributes of the <physvol> tag.

  4. The explanation of General Particle Source orientation (/gps/pos/rot1 and /gps/pos/rot2) is very confusing and the illustration is visually ambiguous.

I would be happy to help improve the documentation if someone can point me to the right way to help.

Hi Brian,
I’d suggest contacting me directly (as documentation co-ordinator) for corrections/contributions - they are always welcome. For your GDML improvements I’d suggest contacting @witoldp as he is responsible for that.
I see you already raised a bug report on bugzilla (2251):
So we can discuss further there about implementing your suggestions.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I discovered the documentation section on Bugzilla last night so I put up my suggestion for the GPS documentation.
I will get in touch with @witoldp regarding the GDML docs.