Fluorescence Data Line Sets

Inside of G4EMLOW7.9.1 there are three directories for Fluorescence Lines:

  • fluor
  • fluor_Bearden
  • fluor_XDB_EADL
  1. Is there a place where it is documented which data set is used as a default for a given Physics Module?
  2. Is there a description of the internal format of those .dat files?



Just to add some context to my question. Based on my understanding of the binding formats, Aluminum Kbeta photons should be generated at one of the following energies:
fluor : 1549.9eV
Bearden: 1549.9eV
XDB: 1559.6eV

What I am seeing are photons at 1545eV. I am also seeing an energy level shift for the Kalphas that don’t seem to match K-LIII or K-LII from any of the data files (I am seeing 1469eV).