Fluorescence not working

Dear all, I am attempting to simulate EDXRF efficiencies but I built a simpler setup to test and see if I can observe fluorescence effects. I only see x rays hitting the secondary molybdenum target and no flourescence which should be quite observable. I am attaching the source codes, any help is much appreciated.

XRF source codes


please try to study effect in $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm5. There are many macro files, you may start from gammaSpectrum.mac and add extra UI command to enable fluorescence.

Possible commands:

/process/em/fluo true

/process/em/auger true

/process/em/deexcitationIgnoreCut true


Yes, thanks! Flourescence works now.

But I decided to turn of DeexcitationIgnoreCut and another emParameter, Auger cascade as they were causing the incident Xrays to turn into many low energy electrons, which was undesirable.

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