G4 11.0.0 Debug build on Windows: linker error 1189 (dll size)


I’ve built Geant4.11.0.0 on Windows x64 in Release mode without errors.

Now I’m building Geant4.11.0.0 on Windows x64 in Debug mode.
I obtain an error from the Linker (LNK 1189) that said that “the limit of 65535 objects or members in a library has been exceeded”, in particular for the G4processes library.
And the resulting G4processes.dll has a size of 0 KB.

Could someone help me to solve this issue?

Thank you

I cannot make it build in debug either but release mode build successfully.

This is a long term known issue with the G4processes DLL currently being too large to hold full Debug info on Windows. There’s no way around this other than to build in Release or RelWithDebInfo modes (the latter should provide enough info for most debugging), or to use static libraries instead of DLLs.

There is a long term work item to resolve this via a different arrangement of libraries, though won’t be until the next beta/release (June/Dec 2022) at the earliest,

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