G4-DNA and proton therapy

I am simulating Proton-Boron reaction by G4-DNA/physics.

How can I assign DNA physics and hadron physics in two different regions in DNAphysics?
How to modify the physicsList file?
Thanks in advance…

I still have the same problem. I want to send protons on gold nanoparticles inside a water medium and calculate the energy deposited by the protons and secondary particles
The problem in the file ,physical prosess( I choose dnaphysical of G4-DNA)??
I searched a G4-DNA package but I am not showing results ??
I want to study the interaction of nanoparticles with protons in a water medium
Please help me , thank you very much

Dear Reem,

you have to activate Geant4-DNA in liquid water and a Condensed History approach physics list in gold (e.g. G4EMPhysicsList_option4). In Geant4 v.11 Geant4-DNA physics models for gold will be released but only for electrons.