G4AnalysisManager problem root

I’m having trouble creating the root file.

I changed “g4root.hh” to “G4AnalysisManager.hh” and still I get this error.

please i’m stuck on this

_Geant4 Version: Geant4 11
_Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04



The error message complains about MyActioInitialization class; do you have #include "MyActionInitialization.hh" in your sim.cc ? Does your MyActioInitialization class derive from G4VUserActionInitialization ?

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Hello and thank you!!

I added #include “My Action Initialization.hh” in my sim.cc and it shows me an error about not finding the file.

This is my file where I declare MyActionInitialization:
action.hh (292 Bytes)

Hi !

Wrong call,

“action.hh” is your MyActionInitialization, therefore, you need to call action.hh i.e. #include action.hh in your sim.cc or main.cc

hope it works for you.

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