I want to use G4PhantomParameterisation build a phantom(Geant4.11.0), and encounter the following problem:

When I run the same code in Geant4.10.06, I get the following prompt:

Why does this happen, and how can I solve it?

It is probably a precision problem, please see DICOM example Stuck Track error for small voxels

Thanks for your reply!I tried but there was a problem.
There is something wrong with this sentence…Maybe there should be an operator, right?

Of course, you have to put

And you need to use the backquote (accent grave) to delimit code; otherwise the multiplication (asterisk) gets interpreted by the forum as “make this italics.” The full expression should be

Step += 100 * kCarTolerance * std::pow(10.,fNumberOfZeroSteps);

Thanks Michael, I did not realize of it

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks very much!
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