G4PVParameterised Voxelization/Optimization Documentation

I have been trying to understand

  1. the voxelization of parameterised volumes and
  2. the differences between G4ParameterisedNavigation and G4NormalNavigation.

I could not find these details in the user manuals but I am sure they must be somewhere. These seem to be relatively complicated so scouring the source code is not providing quick progress.

Thank you for the help!

You can find some specifications in the Toolkit Developers Guide:

Not sure what you need the information for… but the helper classes G4NormalNavigation and G4ParameterisedNavigation are used for treating non-voxelised navigation in geometry trees containing normal placement volumes or parameterised volumes respectively. G4VoxelNavigation instead applies to geometry trees (normal or parameterised) that have been optimised through the generation of a voxels structure, to reduce the look-up time of candidates for intersection during tracking.