G4PVPlacement Removal

Hi. I am trying to reposition some sensitive detectors that I have previously set with G4PVPlacement .

How do you remove previous physDetector set using G4PVPlacement ?


I just need to delete previously set PV Placement. Is there a command for that?

Hi @siygu,

I don’t believe that there is any command for what you want. In general I would recommend not placing any objects that you later need to remove. Or if you need to run simulations where different objects are placed, then those simulations should be run separately. What is your use case that you first need to place an object and later need to remove it?


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the reply.

It’s not that I need to place objects and later need removed but actually moving sensors around.

I am trying to run an algorithm that requires the sensors to move around based on readings.

This may be more involved then you want, but I know that this user has a demo that creates a way to move geometries via UI commands instead of re-running the application, which seems to be what you want.

Thank you Loyd. That looks like what I am trying to do. I will take a look.