G4root.hh & G4EmProcessOptions.hh related issue in newer versions

I am using the Geant4-v11.1.1 version but it does not contain a few of the header files like :
g4root.hh and G4EmProcessOptions.hh
Which of the header files may I use in place of these in the newer version?
When I added g4root.hh by myself then it showed the error in “using namespace G4Root” ( this namespace does not exist)

It sounds like you are updating from using an older Geant4 10.* version. You should look at the Release Notes for 11.0. There were many changes.

Yes, previously I was using older versions.

In the Release notes, only it is mentioned that these header files have been removed. But it is not mentioned that which header files we can use in place of them.


There is G4AnalysisManager.hh header, that replaced the output specific headers.

If you use file names without extensions, that you should define your default output type (“root”) via the SetDefaultFileType(const G4String&) function.

See also documentation or basic examples B4 and B5.

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