G4TesselatedSolid stuck particles at nanoscale


I have come to find a common stuck particle case for G4TesselatedSolid for particle tracking in nanoscale voxels, for geantinos, and particles with mass. I’m currently using version 10.07.p01.

Without including all of the details of each case, the following geometry source files and example problems lead to the same type of stuck particle between the world geometry and the defined PV.

  1. stl to gdml converted files from a CAD software in /persistency/gdml/g01
  2. tess.gdml example file in /persistency/gdml/g01
  3. stl to gdml converted files from a CAD software in /advanced/gorad
  4. tess.gdml example file in /advanced/gorad

When either running each of these same files at macroscale i.e. a millimeter, or using default solid geometries, I do not get any of the same errors.

Has this been resolved in the recent releases of 11.0 to 11.0.p02?

I noticed that there are added capabilities in the release notes for G4TesselatedSolid:

Blockquote * In G4TesselatedSolid, implemented GetFacetIndex(p) and CheckStructure(). Optimised code in SetExtremeFacets(): shuffle of vertices and checking of six extreme vertices.

But it was not clear what those updates were trying to solve for fixes.

Thanks for your help