Gamma Spectra Geant4 Simulation

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which example included (in geant4 Examples) do you prefer to simulate gamma spectrum and gamma sources like Cs-137, Na-22, … that contains a most nuclear process (physics lists) to show the spectrum and other properties like energy resolution, efficiencies, and time resolution especially using Scintillation Detectors
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I think you may start with extended examples on radioactive decay and LXe for the scintillation process.

This will give you a basis to develop your simulation. If you would like to look into a more complex simulation application, maybe the advanced example doiPET may help you.



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Good example will be /examples/extended/radioactivedecay/rdecay02. However, the energy resolution is the experimental concept in general (caused by many factors, e.g. scintillator, environmental temperature, electronics, i.e. one comprehensive result of detector). So, the energy and energy resolution calibration via the experiment is necessary. Efficiencies of detector could be evaluated by Geant4 simulation well. Time resolution depends on the scintillation process(including the fast and slow time constant of photon emission) and example /examples/extended/optical/LXe mentioned as Susanna above. For more details, U could refer to the paper " A quantitative spectral component analysis method based on maximum likelihood" (
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