Gate v9 and root file

Hello everyone,
please i need some directions about the Root files, i am new to simulation and i am still learning about it!

I am actually working with Gate v9.1 and i need to simulate a source of electrons toward a water cube, and i am asked to observe all the parametres about this reaction.

so i started with a first Actor, wich is the DoseActor and i save it as a root file ( bellow the code concerning the DoseActor), but unfortunatly i don’t know how to use those informations saved in the root files. i didn’t get any histogramme!

i wanted to know how to use those root files with Gate.

thank in andvance!

/gate/actor/addActor DoseActor dose
/gate/actor/dose/save …/output/dose.root
/gate/actor/dose/attachTo phantom

/gate/actor/addActor DoseActor doseDistribution
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/save …/output/output1.root
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/attachTo phantom

/gate/actor/doseDistribution/stepHitType random
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/setPosition 0 0 0 cm
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/saveEveryNSeconds 60
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableEdep true
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableUncertaintyEdep false
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableDose false
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableUncertaintyDose true
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableNumberOfHits false


/gate/output/root/setFileName …/output/output1

Geant4 Version:
Operating System:

maybe you should post your question on the Gate mailing list?

You will probably get more abundant feedback there.

thank you so much for your proposition , i forgot about the Gate mailing list :sweat_smile:
i wish i can find unswers as soon as possible.
I have a hard time to use root file to show histograms and graphes!

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