Geant visualization

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Geant4 Version: 9.5.2, 10.0.4
Operating System: ssh server
Compiler/Version: g++
CMake Version: 3.8

I’m working on a particle physics simulation. The group is using a fairly old version of Geant, so have no choice but to work on the ssh server. So I’m having a hard time visualizing the results. It appears that your server does not have the necessary accessories for visualization. Therefore, I am wondering if it is possible to output the particle path or detector as a root file.


Geometry can be exported to GDML, which is a kind of neutral format that ROOT, Phoenix, DD4hep and other display services can render.

If you want to visualize the events on top of the geometry, maybe you want to use something like Phoenix

You can ask further in their github page. ROOT also have some event display, but I think it is a bit old.