Geant4 10.6 installed with Qt5 does a very slow rendering

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I just installed Geant4 10.6 on my fresh ubuntu 18.04, with Qt5 OpenGL activated. I compiled G4 with gcc7 and everything worked smoothly. However, when I tried to test the example B1, I found that I can’t rotate or move the detector with my mouse. If I clicked on other windows, and then clicked again the G4 Qt window, the camera is then updated. Very weird, if I turned beam on, the traces are shown immediately on the screen, unlike moving or rotating the detector.

In fact, this problem I have seen it since 10.5, I always tried to compile with Qt4 and then the problem is solved automatically. In the new version, Qt5 is the only one that is officially supported, so I really want to know the answer why Qt5 causes such a problem.

Thank you for you help.

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I have the same problem with Geant4 10.6, Does happen the same with oldest versions??
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