Geant4 coding conventions and clang-format availability

Hello Geant4 Community,

I’m currently working on a Geant4 project and trying to adhere to the coding conventions outlined in the coding guidelines. Given that CERN ROOT has released a public clang-format configuration, I was wondering if there is a similar resource available for Geant4 or that others are using. I’ve seen that there appears to be a clang-format and clang-tidy for geant4-dev from these slides but that is not publically accessible.

We have .clang-format and .clang-tidy files in development, so will provide these in the next patch/beta release. These are still being rolled out through the toolkit code though, so we won’t accept GitHub PRs or contributions that simply apply reformats or re-tidy (but they will be welcome to be used for new actual new code)

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