Geant4-DNA cell cycle

Dear Experts, how one can add and consider the cell phase in geant4 dna is there any example and thank you


please see Home - molecularDNA. This is a nucleus cell phase. For others, we need to build.

Dear @ngoc,
Thank you for your response, could you please tell if its possible to precise the cell phase(S for example) in this example ?

it may be G0/G1.

Dear @ngoc,
if i understand you do you mean that the cell phase is in G0/G1 in the example?and how its possible to for S phase? one more question please how can i set the dose rate in macro files is it flexible and thank you very much


You may need to build a S phase DNA geometry. See this FractalDNA — FractalDNA 0.1 documentation.
For macro files of dose rate, it is not possible now.

dear @ngoc,
thank you