Geant4-DNA -clustering- neutron

Hi Dear Geant4 expert member !
I am a beginner in Geant4.I want to use /example/extended/medical/DNA/clustering input for DNA damage of 14 MeV neutron aparticles with Geant4-dna physics list and QGSP_BERT_HP, but I don’t know how to assign specific physical processes in different regions (world and target). In the entire world, I am going to set QGSP_BERT_HP, and inside target, I am going to set G4EmDNAPhysics. I donnot know how to do that.

Hi @sunhez,
Maybe, /example/extended/medical/DNA/microdosimetry example can help you something ?

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Dear ngoc,
Thank you for your suggestion!
By the way, the molecularDNA example can simulate DNA damage of neutrons?

moleculardna has never tested with neutron. If you do so, maybe, you could need to combine with hadronic physics.

The radius 200. The position : 0 0 0. The unit: nm nanometer. Please see more detail in Home - molecularDNA


Yes, they are cell radius size. Please, again, see in the documentation.
If you want to discuss on molecularDNA example, I believe that we should move to other topic.

Probably if you are a beginner of Geant4, I would suggest to have two simulations. The first one where you track the neutrons in the geometry and you store the generated radiation field in your micrometer-sized volume SV (all charged particles and photons) in a phase space file. Then you have a second simulation where you track the particles of the phase space file with Geant4-DNA in the SV. Then, you couple Geant4 EM and hadronic physics with Geant4-DNA, and repeat the simulation. You should get the same results. I suggest this approach because it is easier to pick up eventual errors!