GEANT4 error WARNING: Scene "none" not found. /vis/scene/list to see scenes

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_Geant4 Version:_9.2
_Operating System:_Sent-OS
CMake Version:

I am new to using GEANT4 and GATE9.2. I am trying to run a simulation but my job crashes immediately when the simulation starts.
here is the error I am getting by looking at the log output file

Idle> /gate/application/setTimeSlice 1.00 s
Idle> /gate/application/setTimeStart 0.00 s
Idle> /gate/application/setTimeStop / 7000.00 s
Idle> /gate/application/startDAQ
[Acquisition-0] ============= Source initialization =============
[Acquisition-0] ============= Acquisition starts! =============
[Acquisition-0] Simulation start time = 0 sec
[Acquisition-0] Simulation end time = 1 sec
[Acquisition-0] Simulation will have = 1 run(s)
[Acquisition-0] Slice 0 from 0 to 1 s [slice=1 s]
G4VisManager: Using G4TrajectoryDrawByCharge as fallback trajectory model.
See commands in /vis/modeling/trajectories/ for other options.
WARNING: Scene “none” not found. /vis/scene/list to see scenes.

When the simulation crashes it gives me an ‘std::bad_alloc’ error. More specifically this is what I get on my screen when the job crashes.

$ [G4-cerr] /: double value expected.
[G4-cerr] Parameter is wrong type and/or is not omittable (index 0)
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::bad_alloc’
what(): std::bad_alloc

CAUGHT SIGNAL: 6 ### address: 0x19350000cfcb, signal = SIGABRT, value = 6, description = abort program (formerly SIGIOT).

[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 0/22]> /lib64/ [0x7f22c3873387]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 1/22]> /lib64/ [0x7f22c3874a78]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 2/22]> /apps/gcc/gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22c3ec04ee]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 3/22]> /apps/gcc/gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22c3ecb856]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 4/22]> /apps/gcc/gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22c3ecb8c1]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 5/22]> /apps/gcc/gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22c3ecbb45]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 6/22]> /apps/gcc/gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22c3ec012b]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 7/22]> Gate(ZNSt6vectorIP18G4VTrajectoryPointSaIS1_EE17_M_realloc_insertIJS1_EEEvN9__gnu_cxx17__normal_iteratorIPS1_S3_EEDpOT+0x11e) [0x8a432e]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 8/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e24d0675]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][ 9/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e24cdf2a]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][10/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e27083fa]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][11/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e29b4115]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][12/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e29b4312]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][13/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e29b1f0e]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][14/22]> Gate() [0x917ac7]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][15/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22de64243d]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][16/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22de660fc0]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][17/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e39344d8]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][18/22]> /apps/geant4/geant4-11.0.3-gcc-11.2.0/lib64/ [0x7f22e3935ac3]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][19/22]> Gate() [0x4d0d50]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][20/22]> /lib64/ [0x7f22c385f555]
[PID=53195, TID=-2][21/22]> Gate() [0x507a86]

: Aborted (Signal sent by tkill() 53195 6453)

have I forgotten to initialize any parameter. It seems to me that it is a memory allocation error but I am unable to figure out where it is coming from.

Could anyone suggest possible solution?

Hi Chris

Since you are using GATE, this is a GATE issue. Something is missing from the set of commands you are issuing, maybe you are not setting up a scene. I don’t know how GATE operates, where do the commands /gate/application/setTimeSlice, etc., come from?

It may help to look at a macro file in the G4 distribution to see how to set up a vis driver (/vis/open OGL) and create a scene (/vis/drawVolume), usually in a file called vis.mac.


Thank you for your reply.
I am not using any visualization. I have commented out all visualization commands and therefore no scene is opening. I am doing this because the server where GATE is installed does not give any Open GL or visualization privileges unless I have administrator privileges.
I am interested initially to have only an output ASCII file with the data.
I have uploaded with this e-mail the macro file I am using. The simulation starts but immediately crashes giving me the error.
Is there anything you suggest for the error to be fixed?

cross_temp.pdf (55.5 KB)

Hi Chris

As I said, I don’t know GATE, but it looks as though it attempts to draw something even if you have removed vis commands. A workaround might be to open a file-writing driver. For example, if you replace /vis/open OGL by /vis/open VRML2FILE, you will maybe get an vrl file but it will not use any graphics. Give it a try.