Geant4 in MacBook 19’

Hi everyone:

I’m a master student who is focus on medical physics. I wanna install Geant4 in my MacBook 19’ , does it work ? Do I need other packages installed in my Mac? Does anyone can help me? Thanks a lot

Geant4 is supported on macOS, so yes. The easiest way to install to begin using it is through the Homebrew or Conda package managers:

Hi Bmorgan:

Thanks for your reply and help so soon.

so you mean I can donwload homebrew or conda to install the g4?

which one is better fit both( GEANT4 AND PTSIM?)


Yes, just follow the instructions in the links! Homebrew is the easiest as once installed you just need to do brew install geant4. That will provide an install of 10.6.2 with multithreading, Qt and GDML support.

I don’t know about “PTSIM”, so you might want to contact the developers of that to see if they have recommendations.

I still can’t use brew to install . could you help me install G4? thanks

I use HOMEBREW but its can’t work

Do I download Xcode?

Yes, you should follow the instructions and install the command line tools. That’s the minimum needed to build code, including Geant4 applications. It’s up to you whether then to also install the full Xcode IDE from the App Store, though I’d recommend it as it’s a good development environment.