Geant4 in RockyLinux

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_Geant4 Version:_11.1.1
_Operating System:_Linux Debian
CMake Version:

Hi I’m using Geant4 in Rocky linux and i have been trying to install Cmake but i can’t get that admin password right… Any help!!?

Do you have admin rights on the machine you’re working on? If not, then you’ll need to contact the sysadmin of the machine to request the install of CMake. Alternately, you can download a binary package (.sh or .tar.gz) from here and install that in a location you can write to.

Hello @bmorgan My host machine is Linux Debian and that is where I have installed RockyLinux in VMworkstation. From the virtual machine is where I’m accessing Geant4 pre-installed in RockyLinux. The problem is that i cant get the admin password for installing new softwares into RockyLinux

If you created/installed the Rocky 9 image yourself, then you should have been prompted to create an admin account or otherwise add your main account as a sudoer. Otherwise, if you took a pre-existing VM, then you would need to contact its provider for details of the admin account/how to install other software.

I installed it myself but it doesn’t promp you to form an admin account
The Provided admin login credentials in their website won’t work

OS: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Architecture: x86_64
Compiler: gcc (Anaconda gcc) 11.2.0
Geant4 env: g4_11.1.2
Geant4 : 11.1.2
cmake version 3.27.6

I have this version of Geant4 installed quite easily on my Debian system.
It will not change anything on the Debian itself as it is installed in a conda environment.
I posted here (see below) in the past an installation guide for Debian (bullseye at that time).

(Installation on bullseye)

I have sligthly modified it to install Geant4-11.1.2 and this on Debian Bookworm. Ask for info if still needed!

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