Geant4 Install Folder doesn't populate

Hello all,

I’m having some issues with installation of Geant4 using Windows VS 2019’s Developer Prompt. I greatly appreciate your help in solving this, as I’ve tried to install Geant4 every which way, conda environment, on a Linux to Windows terminal etc.

I feel as I’m following the instructions to the T, but here’s what I’m doing and what results:

  1. After extraction of geant4 zip folder to a folder I create C:…\Documents\GEANT4, I create C:…\Documents\GEANT4\geant4.10.05-build.

  2. To configure the build I’m asked to cd C:…\Documents\GEANT4\geant4.10.05-build, and use cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX =“C:…\Documents\GEANT4\GEANT4_10_05-install” “C:…\Documents\GEANT4”

  3. I execute this, with no errors, and the build folder is populated. In this procedure two questions arise and you will see why, (a) Are these instructions assuming that I have a folder created C:…\Documents\GEANT4\GEANT4_10_05-install previously to executing the cmake prefix command? or (b) is the act of using the cmake prefix command creating the folder that is required to place the install after executing:
    cmake --build . --config Release --target install

I’m asking this, because I do get some errors after running this cmake … --target install line during installation but primarily with regards to files located in GEANT4\geant4_source\source\visualization\management\

  1. Either way, at no point in the processes does my C:…\Documents\GEANT4\GEANT4_10_05-install folder populate with C:…\Documents\GEANT4\geant4_10_05-install/share files etc, but only in side build products within the build folder I first created.

I understand these folders must be created independently from each other so for reference, here is the file tree I’m working with where bulleted items are folders within GEANT4:


  • geant4.10.05-build

             - BuildProducts
             - CMakeFiles
             - InstallTreeFiles
             - Modules
             - Source
             - x64
             - ALL_BUILD.vcxproj
             - cmake_install.cmake
  • geant4_install

  • geant4_source
    - cmake
    - config
    - environments
    - …

Hopefully this isn’t too much of a pain to read, and the info I wrote helps in troubleshooting.

Thanks again and have a nice day,


I don’t know about the ... in the path bc I have no idea if windows allows that but I can tell you that the install target is dependent on the ALL_BUILD target (meaning in order to “build” the install, you first have to “build” ALL_BUILD) so the:

is actually probably due to cmake --build . --config Release --target ALL_BUILD failing and thus, building the INSTALL target (which populates the installation folder) is never even started.

jrmadsen, thanks for the response to this. I hadn’t seen your response until now.

The main issue I had was trying to install using Windows Visual Studio 2019 it seems. I ended up finding that it’s not supported for the Geant4 install, where as VS 2017 is.

Thankfully I went with a Linux build on a computer server,