Geant4 installation problems

Hi everyone,

I’m new using this program, and i have basic problem of this:

the last instruction says:
execute and add at .bachrc :

basically i don’t know the lines where i need to put (the path?) of those files.

i use ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Find localisation of the clhep-config or CLHEPCONFIG with something like “find /home -iname ‘clhepconfig*.cmake’”.
You can know it too if you find it manually with ‘pwd’.

Add the localisation in your .bashrc or add -DCMAKE=localisation to your instruction.

Maybe someone will have better instruction, i’m a beginner too. But it could work so…
Hope it will work.

If you want, you can use Geant4’s internal version of CLHEP, by adding -DGEANT4_USE_SYSTEM_CLHEP=OFF to your CMake configuration command. Otherwise, you have to point Geant4 to the location where CLHEP is installed, as it won’t find it if you installed it to a non-standard location.

Thaat was because you activated CLHEP option, but you do not have installed it yet. So, you can either install CLHEP as the massage said and the bin, include , and lib files to the environment PATH, or deactivate this option. I recommend to install this CLHEP.