Geant4 installation

Hello, hope you all are taking precautions against COVID-19 and are well!
I am using following installation guide to install Geant4.10.02.p03 on Ubuntu 19.10
Geant4_Installation_v2.pdf (1.2 MB)
In CLHEP installation step i got the error (screenshot attached)
Kindly help me to remove this error.
Thanks for your time and consideration!
Screenshot from 2020-04-01 11-38-54|690x387

How did you install cmake, did the cmake-data package also get installed?

You also may want to get the latest version of geant4, 10.02.p03 is >3years old

I even tried with the latest version geant4 10.5.p01 but it showed the same error, And yes, the cmake package also get installed.

Sorry to labour the point, but how did you install cmake? Did you do it manually, or with apt ? and in either case was the additional cmake-data package also installed?

The error message is very descriptive and others seem to have had this issue

I did it through apt. And yes cmake data too