Geant4 Physics model for low energy protons (T=5-6keV) interaction with matter


I have low energy protons that have kinetic energy in the range of 5-6 keV that I wish to simulate in different detector materials such as Si etc. Up till now, I have used SRIM for that purpose, however I was wondering if there is a Geant4 based physics model which can accurately describe the interaction of such protons in matter. I am mainly looking for de/dx, tracking etc. to see how much of a signal these protons leave in a said material or if they are backscattered.

Any information would be highly appreciated.

Dear Walee

for sure you can do that in Geant4. I suggest you use G4EMStandardPhysics_option4 (Geant4 10.5).


Sorry for my ignorance but isn’t that model for Photons and Electron interactions rather than Protons?

The physics list (as all the EM physics lists) describes the interactions of all charged particles, including protons.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: