Geant4 Version 11 cannot use g4root.hh

I was using the older version of GEANT4 so far ( version 10.07.p02). Now I have installed the newer version of Geant4 which is 11.1.2. I was running a code which run smoothly on my previous geant4 version. But, the new version is giving error in that. I am attaching the error message below.

B4Analysis.hh:33:10: fatal error: g4root.hh: No such file or directory
   33 | #include "g4root.hh"

I am attaching my B4analysis.hh header file along with this post. I am unable to locate the error in this. I am afraid that the g4root.hh directory has been renamed or something in the newer version of geant4. I have rechecked the code with the older version of Geant4 and it works fine.
Thanks a lot in advance for your time and interest.
B4Analysis.hh (1.8 KB)

_Geant4 Version:_11.1.2
_Operating System:_Ubuntu 22.04
_Compiler/Version:_g++ 11.3.0

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I think this one fixes the issue.

#include "G4RootAnalysisManager.hh"

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