Geant4 version number that dropped support for G4LEXXXInelastic.hh


I was looking at compiling an old Geant4 simulation code that had been written some time ago. This code was compiled and run successfully with Geant4 9.6.p04. For reasons that are not relevant I have had to use a newer version of Geant4 (in this case 10.02.p03) to get it up in running. For the most part it compiles fine until it encounters certain header files that seem to have been removed in this version of Geant4. These files all follow the format G4LE"Particle"Inelastic.hh. Some of them are listed below. It is clear to me that the inelastic scattering header files have been relocated (as was G4LElastic.hh to G4HadronElastic.hh).

Examples: G4LEPionMinusInelastic.hh, G4LEPionPlusInelastic.hh, G4LEDeuteronInelastic.hh, etc.

That all being said, I cannot seem to find the release notes that state where they have been moved to and how I can alter my includes to account for this. Could anyone point me in the correct direction?

Thank you for taking the time.



we have dropped the support for G4LEXXXInelastic when we moved to Geant4 10.0.
This is written in the release notes of that version - although in a very brief way - e.g.

“The CHIPS package, the parameterized (Gheisha-like) models LEP/HEP and the isotope_production module have been removed.”

“Physics lists based on the CHIPS package (e.g. CHIPS, QGSC_BERT) or on the parameterized (Gheisha-like) models LEP/HEP (e.g. LHEP) have been removed.”

“Physics lists that used LEP in a restricted energy range have been retained but revised: LEP has now been replaced by Fritiof and/or Bertini models.”

So, you need to use either Bertini model (BERT) or Fritiof (FTFP), depending on the energy you are interested in.
Even better if you use a reference physics list, like FTFP_BERT, instead of your own-made one: in this way, the migration is done automatically by us.