General Particle Source. Co-60 simulation

Hi. I have two question about GPS:

  1. How can I use GPS UI command inside my code?
  2. Can you explain me how I can simulate gamma source of Co-60 with activity 3 Mbq, shape sphere?

I’ve found that the examples provided here very useful in the past. Perhaps example 25 would be most applicable to what you want to achieve.

The rdecay01 may also be of use to you - this example uses the particle gun method to produce a Co60 source.

0- I have nothing to say about GPS

1- Co60 radioactive decay constant is lambda = 4. 10ˆ-9 /second
activity = lambda*N0 ==> N0 = 7.5 10ˆ14
this is the number of events you would must generate to reach 3 Mbq !

2- in examples/extended/eventgenerator/particleGun (case 4 : vertex position) you will see how to generate events uniformly in a sphere, directly with G4ParticleGun

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