Generating pp collisions (Pythia6)

Hi everyone!

I am very new to Geant4 and to Pythia as well. I represent a team of bachelor students and we are trying to assess the radiation damage to some LCHb detector using simulations with Geant4. Therefore, we need to simulate p-p collisions at 13 TeV and everything that happens afterwards. We managed to successfully import Pythia6 into Geant4 and we ran an example that worked fine.

However, we still cannot see how we could manage to simulate p-p collisions and everything that happens. Is this easy? Is it possible to do it in a week? Is there any example code anywhere that we could use?

Thank you very much in advance!

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I would suggest to try to perform your study using official LHCb software. You will need extra scoring and may be alternative Physics Lists but LHCb software framework allow doing this. ATLAS and CMS were capable doing similar studies.